China Ranch Date Farm

The next time you visit Las Vegas, providing you have transportation, why not try doing something a little different. There are many wonderful places just outside of Vegas that can make for a great experience. One such place is China Ranch Date Farm.

China Ranch is an oasis in the desert. It is filled with beautiful date trees. You can wander through the date farm and see the trees, the nurseries, and a few other perks, such as their nature trail, where you may catch glimpses of crayfish swimming in the creek.

Inside the store you will find tons of fun items for purchase. You can taste test some of the different dates and even buy a bag or five to take home with you. If you do nothing else while at the ranch, their bakery has the most wonderful date shakes; they are a must try.

On the outer edge of the farm is desert that is filled with random old cars and historical items. There are several hiking trails to explore. One such trail gives you a view overlooking the entire date farm. This trip is truly a worthwhile experience for families and couples alike.

If you would like more information on China Ranch Dates, Inc., please visit their website at the following address:


The Beginning of Star Spirit Adventures

Today is the beginning of something new. While I have held a previous blog, it was not organized by any means. I was young when I first began chattering away on Blogger. Now that I have grown more into myself, it is only fitting that I find a more serious way to express my experiences.

I love to travel and I do so frequently. While most of my adventures take place in the US, there are the occasional trips elsewhere. My goal is to share my photos and knowledge with those who love to travel as much as I do. I hope that my readers will find joy in this site and the photos and information that will be provided.

Adventure is wherever the desire takes you.