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Experiencing Mad Apple

The latest Cirque du Soleil show to appear on the Las Vegas strip is none other than a tribute to New York. Mad Apple is like a luxurious mix of Zumanity meets Criss Angel, with some sick beats mixed in. This show does wonders for all the senses, and let me tell you, even while pushing through a mad bout of food poisoning, I genuinely enjoyed the experience and will happily return for another helping.

There isn’t a bad seat in the showroom, but you can get up and personal with the actors if you pay a few bucks extra. If you are more of the sit and observe, and don’t touch me type, then I recommend you sit in the fourth row or further back. My group was in the front section toward the back and I felt great about my seat.

The show is a bit risqué, so I don’t recommend bringing children, but grab your significant other or your pals, and it makes for a fun evening activity. You’ll view everything from magic to acrobatics. The singers and the band are amazing and I wish I had the music to take home with me.

The price for tickets can range. At this time there is a Groupon available, though I don’t know how much the extra fees stack up to be. We paid around $130 per ticket without the Groupon.

If you’re visiting Las Vegas soon, check out Mad Apple. You won’t be sorry. I give this show five stars and two thumbs up.

For more information, please visit: Mad Apple at New York-New York Hotel & Casino | Buy tickets | Cirque du Soleil | Cirque du Soleil


Carlos’n Charlie’s At The Flamingo

When in Vegas, there are plenty of dining options to choose from. There is no shortage of buffets, bars, or any other type of food you might have a hankering for. If you have a particular love for Mexican cuisine, and you like the bar scene, Carlos’n Charlie’s might be the place for you.

Carlos’n Charlie’s is similar to Senor Frogs, and they are located in the Flamingo. They have the DJ who plays a lot of fun party music, they hand out free shots here and there and they may even have a silly contest or two. People in this bar tend to get a bit wild and crazy, from my experience.

The food is good. I’ve tried several different items on the menu and all are wonderful. I particularly enjoy there appetizer platter, everything on it is quite tasty. The ribs are also great. You will not be disappointed by portions.

If you look on Groupon, you may find a voucher for food and two hours of unlimited drinking. This can be dangerous because they tend to pour their drinks a little strong. They give you a choice of tap beer or the frozen margaritas.  I like the margaritas because they are served in a glass you can keep and you can choose to mix flavors together.

For more information on Carlos’n Charlie’s, please visit:

Love The Beatles Love

As previously noted, Las Vegas has some great shows available to the public. The Cirque shows are pretty awesome. My favorite Cirque show is Beatles Love, which I will absolutely go back and see again some time.

If you are a big fan of the Beatles, or music in general, this show does not disappoint. The audience is seated all the way around the stage. There is a ton to look at. You could definitely see this show multiple times and still feel like there were things you hadn’t noticed previously.

You have so many colors and acrobatics going on at eye level, as well as in the air. You have stage props and music galore. The stage changes and the different levels of action do not cease to amaze. You will feel as if you are a part of the show. It can be a little overwhelming if you have ADD, but that’s what makes it exciting and makes you want to come back again.

I can definitely say that the music was great. This show features a lot of the Beatles hit songs. The action goes right along with the music and paints you a picture of what may have been going on in the minds of the Beatles as they wrote each song.

For tickets or more information on the Beatles Love, please visit:||ticket-sales|phd||||rsd&utm_campaign=phd-LOVE-google-search|residentshow|love|LAS-VEGAS-NV-US|multi


An Evening With Cher

If you are a looking for great shows in Las Vegas, always keep an eye out for the short term performers that visit. During our last trip to Las Vegas we found out that Cher would be performing at the Monte Carlo. My family was all over that; my uncle said he would pay anything to see her, so we made it happen. Luckily we didn’t have to pay an astronomical price. We had balcony seats but it was worth it and we still had a great view.

We bought tickets for her first performance of the series, which was on May third. We had no idea what to expect since, after all, Cher is now seventy-one years old. I had heard from a friend that she was still very active on stage, so my hopes were pretty high. I didn’t want to miss out on this concert because I had never seen Cher before and with her age it is hard to say how long she will continue to tour.

My husband, Neal, was not so sure he wanted to go to the concert, but after all was said and done, we had a blast. Watching Cher’s concert was like watching a play. Almost every song had different costumes. There were lots of backup dancers that danced alongside Cher. She was on the move pretty consistently. You could tell toward the end she seemed a little tired, but seriously, she’s seventy-one and still shaking her booty on stage, that says a lot.

She didn’t speak a ton, just at the very beginning she told a couple of stories, which were interesting. She stated that she had done a five minute plank earlier that day, which blew my mind. She looks great and you can tell she takes good care of herself. After her short storytelling moment the rest of the concert was full force ahead.

The music sounded great. There was one song that they did over because Cher had a costume glitch and was stuck singing backstage, but it was cool to see what the choreography was like once she came out from behind the curtain. I thoroughly enjoyed this show and I could not take my eyes off of her or the set. I took a ton of photographs and I plan to make a coffee table book dedicated to Cher.

If you want to see Cher, I would wholeheartedly recommend this concert. She did all of the hits including songs with Sonny where they projected him on the big screen and played the recording of him singing his parts. I would even go as far as to see this concert again, it was that much fun.

For more information on Cher tickets, please visit:

Get Your Groupon On!

Whenever I am getting ready for a trip, or I need a night out for dinner, or a massage to relax, there is one place I look to without fail. That place is Groupon. I am sure that many of my readers will recall hearing me speak of Groupon in the past. Groupon is a site where you can get goods and services, as well as vacation packages, for a fraction of their original cost.

Groupon is located all over the US; some cities have caught on more quickly than others. My home town for instance, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has some Groupons available, but not enough to make me happy at this point. Places like Las Vegas, however, have all sorts of Groupon services and items to choose from.

To use Groupon, all you have to do is add the app to your phone, or go to their website: You then type in the location you are interested in, and voila, all sorts of things will pop up. One thing to note is that most goods can be ordered no matter your location, but the voucher will say if it has any stipulations.

When we go to Las Vegas or anywhere on vacation, I always check to see if there are deals on hotel rooms, restaurants, or things to do. Most often we will find several restaurant options. Something important to understand is that most likely the business providing the offer is only making a quarter of what they normally would on the service or item they are offering. Groupon gets the other quarter of the price, because the price is half of what it would normally be. With this in mind, please tip well if you are going to dinner, or to get a massage, etc.

If you purchase a Groupon, always make sure you keep the expiration date in mind. You want to make sure your voucher is good during the dates you are traveling before you purchase it. If your voucher expires, however, you can still use the amount you originally paid, toward the service.

For the business owner who is looking to use Groupon, there are things you should keep in mind. The purpose of Groupon is to help businesses bring in new clientele, however, depending on whom you are and what you offer, most often the people who buy Groupons do not return. They are simply looking for a deal and providing you with fast cash, though it is a fraction of what you would normally make on your provided service. If you are a massage therapist, this could be great for you. If you are a Reiki Practitioner, like me, and people don’t necessarily know what Reiki is, this will bring in some clients, but not necessarily the amount you would hope for.

As a business on the selling end of Groupon, I have had a lot of frustrations with the company. They wouldn’t give me what I wanted in my advertisement; they didn’t like to return my calls or emails. I requested a different account manager and never had my request met, and then suddenly my account manager was gone from the company and I was never told about a replacement. I am not saying this will be your experience, I am sure others have had great experiences; mine just didn’t go how I had pictured.

If you are dealing with Groupon as a client who has an issue, they are pretty great. They tend to rectify issues quite quickly. Usually if there is a problem with the Groupon, they will refund your money. Sometimes they will give you a credit. I have never been let down by the final outcome of my request for remedying an issue with a business.

If you love online shopping and deals, check out Groupon. They can save the average person quite a bit of money on a daily basis, especially if you are open to trying new things. Just be careful, Groupon can become a little addicting when you start receiving discount codes on a regular basis.

For more information on Groupon, please visit:


Cris Angel Will Blow Your Mind

In a previous post I mentioned that I am a fan of the Cirque Du Soleil shows. One of my favorites in particular is the Cris Angel MINDFREAK show, at the Luxor. If you like Magic, as well as acrobatics, you will enjoy this show.

Cris Angel puts on a show like no other Cirque at present. He wows you with everything he does. You will sit in awe and wonder how he does it. How he does it, doesn’t really matter, what matters is that he will blow your mind and leave you speechless, every time.

Even though I have seen this show, I believe that I could go back repeatedly and still have a blast. There is no shortage of things to look at during his acts. At times he involves the audience. Some moments may make you squirm a little in your seat, but those moments usually go by quickly. The main thing to remember is that it’s magic, and somewhere there is a logical explanation; or is there?

For more information, or to buy tickets, please visit:

***Note that I do not have a current photo for this particular show because they would not let us take photos inside, but if I get one next time I visit from outside I will add it to this article.

Good Food And Troublesome Diners

This past month while in Las Vegas, my family decided to check out Guy Fieri’s, in the Linq. We do love burgers, but only two of us tried them. My parents split a burger plate and they seemed to greatly enjoy it. My husband and I ordered Nachos, which were amazing, and my aunt and uncle ordered Asian Chicken Wraps, which were also very good.

Overall our food and beverage experience was great, but something very odd happened during our dining experience. While we were at our table a round of blue shots were delivered. The waiter told us that they were from the couple sitting at a table nearby. We thought it kind of odd, but what the heck, its Vegas right?

At the end of our meal the waiter came to our table and seemed a bit confused. The couple, who had ordered our shots, had also ordered the people next to them a pile of nachos. He thought we all had known each other, when in reality we were all strangers. This mystery couple, after ordering these random treats for us, decided to dine and dash.

I don’t care who you are, that is so beyond wrong. That poor waiter gets stuck paying those bills out of his paycheck. He probably didn’t make any money that night. I don’t know how frequently that happens but the wait staff at these restaurants deserves so much better than that. Tip your staff and be nice, they put up with a ton of crap from drunks in Las Vegas and they deserve every penny they work for.

Check out Guy Fieri’s in the Linq. The food is great and the staff is wonderful. For more information:


Let’s Eat Meat!

I haven’t taken a whole lot of time to write about restaurants as of yet, but I would like to state for the record that while I do appreciate some of the simpler things when it comes to food, I also can be quite the food snob. There are so many things to try and clearly not nearly enough time to do so. I definitely like some fine dining experiences. One place I make a habit of visiting, hugely because my husband turned me on to it, is Pampas Brazilian Grille.

Pampas is one of the best steakhouses in Las Vegas. You can choose to order off the menu or do the all you can eat meat and salad bar. Neal and I have frequently bought Groupons; they are totally worth it. With the Groupon you get two hours of alcoholic beverages, all you can eat seafood which includes: mussels, shrimp, and fish. You also get the salad bar and unlimited meat. The food is wonderful and I recommend for anyone who goes to Pampas to plan to relax and take your time.

Some of my favorite things at Pampas are as follows: shrimp, cheddar rolls, grilled pineapple, sirloin, tri-tip, and pork sausage. I am not a huge chicken fan, but they do have some great chicken options as well. Their salad bar is dangerous. You must choose wisely and not go overboard or you won’t have room for all of the wonderful meats; the selection is vast and includes things such as potatoes, soup, cheeses, olives, lots of different salads, rolls, etc.

The service at Pampas is exceptional. The wait staff has always taken wonderful care of us. They are willing to go out of their way to help you get what you want.  I also have a strong love for the ambiance of the restaurant. It is wonderful for lunch or a nice evening out. The lights are always at the perfect level to encourage intimate conversation with that special someone, or in our case, to make new friends with the table next to us.

I give Pampas a ten, which is saying quite a lot. I can be picky at times, but this is one restaurant that I will continue to visit each time I go to Las Vegas.

For more information on Pampas Brazilian Grille, please visit:


A Stop At Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden And Dolphin Habitat

This past trip to Las Vegas, my husband and I were looking for something fun and different to do. I love baby animals so seeing the picture of the baby tigers on MyVegas, for Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat, made me want to check it out. I had no idea how challenging it was going to be for me to get my actual tickets when I redeemed this reward on MyVegas.

Truth be told, I probably made this harder than it should have been. I hadn’t redeemed tickets of this type on MyVegas previously. The website kept trying to charge me for my complimentary tickets. It also kept noting seat selections and a specific time of entry, of which neither was pertinent. I walked away from this fiasco and came back a couple of days later and somehow I was able to figure out what was wrong and get my tickets printed.

Entry into the habitat was very simple. The woman taking tickets barely looked at the tickets I handed her. When you walk in you immediately are at the dolphin pools. They hold dolphin shows about every fifteen minutes. We did stop and watch the final show of the day on our way out. It was neat to see the dolphins jumping and spinning in the air, but I always feel a little sad when I see such beautiful animals entrapped in a pool rather than in their natural habitat.

As we moved through the property we came to the entrance to the large cat area. Before entering, there is a photographer who takes three or four pictures of your party. You can purchase these photos later on at the gift shop.

Inside the big cat section of the habitat we saw leopards, lions, and tigers. There were no baby cats anywhere to be seen. I was highly disappointed since this is what I thought I would see, due to the advertising on MyVegas. I did thoroughly enjoy taking photographs of the different cats playing, lapping water, and sunning themselves.

The entire habitat is clean and beautiful. The animal enclosures have lots of greenery and water as well as things for the cats to climb on. The experience was fun, but again, left me feeling a little sad for the caged animals. I prefer to go wildlife watching out in the Rocky Mountains or Smoky Mountains I guess.

If you are looking for something fun to do at the Mirage and you love big cats and dolphins, this could be a fun stop for you. It’s definitely a nice way for children to view animals they have never seen in person. The photographs are a nice keepsake to walk away with as well.

For more information please visit:

Let’s All Go To Zombie Burlesque

Now that you have planned a trip to Las Vegas; you have planned a trip to Las Vegas, haven’t you? Well perhaps you don’t plan your trips as frequently as my husband and I do. We went to Las Vegas in October of 2016, January of 2017, and now we are leaving shortly to head back to Las Vegas. We go to Vegas frequently because we have family there and we know how to have a good time on and off the Strip.

Speaking of having a good time, if you are ever in Las Vegas and wondering if you should see the show Zombie Burlesque, the answer is yes. Yes you should go see the show Zombie Burlesque. It may sound a little bit odd, and it probably is. I have seen this show twice and I have taken relatives with me, as well as sent my parents on their own. Everyone has enjoyed themselves immensely.

This show is comedic and it will make you laugh. Some of the jokes are very slapstick. It’s not on the gruesome side, if that was your concern. The zombies are still fairly attractive. You will see beautiful costumes and a lot of singing and dancing; this show is silly, sexy, musical fun.

Tickets will run you about $80 per person online, plus fees. You can at times find tickets on Groupon for $39 or two for $72. I bought my tickets through Groupon and I see that there is still a special available at this time. Whatever you are doing in Las Vegas, this show is worth a view.

For more information on Zombie Burlesque, please visit: