Great Food In Hammond, Wisconsin

As previously noted, I recently moved to New Richmond, Wisconsin. While I have done some exploring of the surrounding area, much more exploration will take place in the near future. It takes time to put a house in order, which takes away from some of my free-time for checking out my new surroundings.

While looking for food the first weekend in our new home, my husband and I found a great place in Hammond, Wisconsin. The Parkside Restaurant and Bar, which in my opinion, is highly note worthy. We have eaten at this particular restaurant about five times now. Every experience at the Parkside has been great.

What I love about this restaurant is that they offer three great things. They have Friday night all you can eat fish fry, Saturday all you can eat steak buffet, and both of these include an unlimited salad bar. The food is awesome, and you cannot beat the prices. They offer a number of potato selections, including potato salad and garlic mashed potatoes, which are both wonderful.

If you are looking for a place to view the big game, you can do that at the Parkside as well. They have limited table seating in the bar area. If you would like to sit outside and enjoy the nice summer weather, they also offer patio seating. The servers are prompt and attentive. The facility is a little older looking, but seems clean and well kept.

If you plan to visit for one of the weekend specials, be sure to arrive either early, or a little later in the evening. Prime dinner hours can be a little busy and you could find youself waiting for a table, though I have never had to wait more than five to ten minutes max.

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Winery Weekend In Withee, Wisconsin

This past weekend I took a trip with family over to, Munson Bridge Winery in Withee, Wisconsin. Each summer Munson Bridge Winery holds Saturday night events with live music. The cover to get into these events is five dollars and that includes a tasting of five wines of your choice. Not a bad deal, in my opinion. They also offer cheese and crackers for free. If you want more than cheese and crackers, you may purchase pizza from, Fire Truck Pizza.

I started out the evening with a tasting. I chose to try ten of their wines for a couple more dollars. When all was said and done, my favorite wines were Virtue and Summer. While they have many great choices, these two were flavorful, semi-sweet, and I could drink more than one glass from the bottle, if I chose to. If I cannot drink more than one glass of a specific wine in a sitting, I do not buy the bottle, because it generally means the wine has too much of something or other.

After the tasting I did try out the pizza. It was good, but I was disappointed by the lack of toppings. I rejected one slice, because both were almost all crust. If I am going to eat pizza, I want it to be smothered in toppings and flavor. I enjoyed the two slices I chose, but wasn’t out of my mind about either. The pizza was mediocre and staved my hunger as I had hoped it would.

At six o-clock the band began to play. Lots of people got up to dance. There was a full crowd all night long. The band was 40 Fingers and they put on a great show, as they always do. Bands play from six until ten in the evening on event Saturdays. The bar closes at nine o-clock sharp, so you must be prepared to purchase your final beverages an hour before close.

If you are looking for a fun evening with wine, music, and some tasty treats, Munson Bridge may be the place for you. The facilities are clean and in order. They have several different fire pits that they light at dusk. There is a small pond for paddle boating, and they have yard games that you can partake in. The staff is very nice and helpful. I will definitely return to this winery again.

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Moving Ahead

Dear Family, Friends, and Blog Followers,

As you may know, my husband, Neal, and I, have moved to a new home. While moving is always a stressful transition, I can fully state that you never really know what to expect until you find yourself in the middle of it all. This truly has been an adventure full of surprises around every corner.

In just two weeks time, so many things have happened, I feel like I am living in a fiction novel. This tale is full of positives and negatives, and while plenty of negatives have happened, I feel that we are now on an upswing. Things are getting better and setting us up for a long and happy stay at our new home.

On the day of closing, Thursday, August 20th, we arrived at our new place to do a walk through, and found out the basement had flooded. We were faced with the decision of whether or not to go forward with the closing. The previous owner told us that the leak was due to a humidifier hose coming unattached from the furnace. We took it for what it was and made further plans to add extra grading around our house, as well as to extend the rain gutters to help insure a dry basement.

It took several days, but by Tuesday the following week, the house was finally dry and I was able to return the basement fans to the previous owner. That evening at 9:15pm, my husband, went downstairs to find that the basement was again flooding, this time the water was coming up the drainage pipe for the septic. We called a plumber, but were unable to get anything fixed until that upcoming Friday. We were virtually without water due to the consistent backing up that was happening.

By Friday, the floor in the basement was covered in “stuff” I care not to describe. The plumber snaked the drain 130 feet, and then jetted it out to 150 feet. He had us call and have the septic drained because he assured us that he had cleared the blockage. The gentleman who showed up to drain the septic stated that he felt there was still a blockage where the pipes enter the septic tank. He informed me that there was a second cap that needed to be dug up and opened to clear out the blockage.

I began to dig, and when my husband arrived home, he joined in and finished the dig. A foot beneath the ground, we found the second cap. The cap was stuck in place and we had to use our van to pull it off. Upon opening, we indeed did find that there was a large nasty blockage of root and “stuff,” just as the septic guy had said. We ended up fixing our own problem in the end, and the lines have been clear ever since.

Beside the above, we also lost our air conditioner during the massive humid heatwave that was going on, and our refrigerated showed up damaged. Currently I am unable to get my desktop to turn on, so I have been delayed until now, on writing a whole lot. I also hit a nail with my front driver side tire and was dealing with that for three weeks until I was able to get a replacement.

Prior to moving in we found out that we have really bad water at our new home. The nitrates are through the roof, so we are having to install a reverse osmosis system as well as a water softener, which is not cheap. We also have radon, so at some point we have to deal with that as well. Making a home is not always easy, but sometimes it requires a little work.

On an upward note, the new air unit should hopefully be covered by home warranty, though the septic debaucle was not. A new air unit should last us a long time and should be more economical than the current unit we have. I finally received my new refrigerator yesterday and I love it; black stainless is a great way to go.

Now, despite the craziness which I actually downplayed and left a few things out, we are in a great new place and very happy here. I believe that sometimes you have to trek through a little rain and mud to see the rainbow and the view on the other side. As I type this, my husband has informed me that the shower downstairs is clogged, due to the backup we had from the septic. Excuse me while I put on my rain slicker and rubber boots.

Here’s to happier days!



Moving To Wisconsin

This week’s adventure is that of a new home in a new city. My husband and I close on our house this Thursday and we are very excited. So much has had to happen to get to this point. So much more will have to happen in order for us to find ourselves comfortably settled in our new town.

We aren’t just moving across the city, we are moving to an entire new state, well new to my husband anyway. I was born in Wisconsin, so moving back is exciting to me. I have been in Minnesota for eleven years now; I am happy to try something different. We are moving to the country, which is definitely a new experience on my end.

If my posts are lacking in the next two weeks, I do apologize ahead of time. Our internet is not being hooked up until the 25th, and I am going to take this time to explore the area and find new and exciting things to write about. We will call this a mini vacation for research and acclamation purposes.

In the meantime, I encourage all of my readers to go out and find something new to explore in your hometown. Much too often we tend to overlook the fun and exciting things to do right where we live. I have been in Minnesota for eleven years and I can list the number of things here that I haven’t bothered to check out, that I probably would have very much enjoyed. My new goal is to know my new town inside and out and to find even more excitement right in my home territory. I will, of course, continue to travel to other exciting destinations and write all about those experiences as well.

To find fun things to do in your area, I recommend going to Google and typing in “activities in (name of your hometown)”. I am sure a lot of things will pop up. You could also check out to see if they list anything new that you have been putting off trying. Until my next entry, happy adventure seeking!

Revisiting Tim Hortons

It’s always exciting when new businesses show up in my home town. Recently, in Prior Lake, we acquired a few new restaurants and businesses, but the most exciting to me was the arrival of Tim Hortons. Neal and I stopped at a Tim Hortons while traveling on our honeymoon and I have found myself wishing ever since that there was one near home.

Two weeks back, on July first, I decided to venture over to our local Tim Hortons for the first time. Boy was that a mistake, which I am currently laughing about. I failed to recall that it was indeed Canada Day and that Tim Hortons is a Canadian company. The entire place was packed with local Canadians and they had no donuts left, which is what I was on a mission for.

Sadly, after standing in line for fifteen minutes until I could finally see the doughnut case was empty, I left empty handed. I decided to try again the following weekend. This time I went through the drive through. I was disappointed to find out that they do not have old fashioned chocolate or blueberry doughnuts, so my husband and I settled for something other than what we were looking for. I did try the coffee, which I admit was quite tasty.

I cannot comment on the other food at Tim Hortons, because I have not tried it. They do have a vast menu and I could definitely see myself stopping in to try one of their sandwiches or other specialty items in the future. Their website will definitely make you hungry, the sandwiches look amazing. I would probably drink the coffee again, but not unless I were ordering something else off the menu to go with it.

After this experience I can truly say that I would be just as happy going over to Holiday for a doughnut when I’m going through that twice per year craving. Tim Hortons doughnut price is a little extreme when I know I can find something similar and just as tasty for a less. I had definitely built this business up in my head, but then again, Neal and I were also on our honeymoon, so everything looked pretty great.

For more information on Tim Hortons, please visit:

Diamond Jo Casino In Worth, Iowa

Over the past seven years I have spent quite a bit of time in Iowa. My friends and family seem to think that it is so far away. In reality, it’s only about an hour from where I currently live, in Minnesota. There is more to this state than just corn fields, which is what people tend to think of when they hear Iowa. If you like casino games or checking out new places, Diamond Jo Casino, in Worth, Iowa, might be the place for you.

Only an hour and a half south of Prior Lake, Minnesota, Diamond Jo is a great overnight destination, or day trip. This casino offers a variety of food options, such as: Burger King, Subway, The Kitchen Buffet, and the Woodfire Grille. I tend to choose Burger King’s chicken nuggets, or the buffet. The food at the buffet is decent. They have one particular dessert that I look for any time I visit. It’s a chocolate gluten free dessert that is to die for. I most enjoy their brunch, which includes an omelet station and various other breakfast items. This buffet has gone through some changes and continues to evolve; my hope is that it will continue to improve, because there are a few items, such as the Crab Rangoon, that could use some work, but there are also items, such as the catfish, that I find quite delectable.

As far as games go, this casino tends to keep on top of trends. They do offer a variety of old and new games. I was a little bummed to find out that they appear to have gotten rid of their Pelican Pete games, which I love. They do have live table games and a poker room if you enjoy a little more action.

Diamond Jo provides free live entertainment at their Big Wheel Bar every Friday and Saturday night. If you are looking for some bigger names in music, they also have musicians and comedians scheduled in their event center, throughout the year. A calendar can be obtained on their website.

If you visit Diamond Jo and you would like to stay overnight, they have pretty decent accommodations. The casino is connected to the local Country Inn & Suites. I have previously stayed at this hotel and very much enjoyed my room, as well as the hot tub and pool area. I have also stayed at the Holiday Inn Express across the street, the first couple of days it was open, and the rooms there were very nice as well. Either place provided for some relaxing downtime after a night of fun at the casino.

This casino atmosphere is fairly comfortable. The gaming area is not as big as that of Mystic Lake or Treasure Island Casino, but it is enough to meet my standards. I have enjoyed many evenings checking out the music at the Big Wheel Bar, as well as dining with family and friends. I always have a great time at Diamond Jo.

For more information on this particular casino, or the B Connected Club, please visit:


Number 3 On TripAdvisor List

Just today I received an email informing me of the top ten, high end rentals, in the world, listed by TripAdvisor. Recently I have taken a greater interest in such things. It is nice to know where your travel territory stands on the list. My particular travel territory only includes one of the nominated destinations, though at some point in the near future I hope to expand to overseas.

I’m only going to give away the details of one specific location; I will list the origin for the others, but not the title of the accommodations. If you want to know the rest of the specifics, you will have to go to TripAdvisor and check it out. I will include the TripAdvisor link at the bottom.

The third location on the list is The Miner’s Clubhouse in Breckenridge, Colorado. I had no idea this place existed, but the photos are enough to make me want to grab the family and go. The views are stunning and the accommodations are quite exceptional. For those who love the mountains and snow, I can see how this place received a top spot on the list.

This particular domain will run you around $5.8k for a week. It has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, and it sleeps fourteen people. You have all the amenities of home, plus a hot tub that gives you an unimpeded view of the mountains and ski slopes. It even comes with a pool table for endless hours of entertainment. Check out the pics on TripAdvisor, they are totally worth it.

There were no other locations listed within the United States. The other locations were as follows: Italy, United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Ionian Islands, Spain, and Indonesia, if that gives you any indicator of what the type of place people are looking for when it comes to luxury. I feel that the Miner’s Clubhouse stands completely alone as far as the type of location and experience it provides.

While none of these locations will be on the budget based side, they will definitely provide some memories and experiences of a lifetime. For more information, please visit:



Adventure is wherever the desire takes us.