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A Unique Bed & Breakfast Experience

As long as I can remember, I have had a strong fondness for trains. My first year of college was spent at the very top of a dormitory tower; the train track was located across the street and multiple times each day, some rather long trains, would go rushing by. The slight shake of the building and the sound of the train whizzing by would lull me to sleep almost every night. Whenever I hear a train it feels a little like home and I find it to be very comforting.

Some time ago, I wanted to surprise my husband for his birthday. I didn’t want the experience to be of the norm, so I did some looking around to see what options were out there. While perusing Groupon I came across a voucher for the Bed & Breakfast Train in Spooner, Wisconsin. This was a double-win. I would finally get to ride on a train, and it would definitely be a surprise to him.

This particular adventure was everything I could have dreamed of. We got to take a beautiful drive from Minnesota to Spooner, Wisconsin. We enjoyed some wonderful food and beautiful scenery while eating dinner on the train. We had an amazing breakfast the next morning. Everything tasted great and the service was exceptional.

Though we did not partake, there was a dance car where music and dancing went on until late into the evening. We decided to relax in the dining car for a while and then retire to our room. The rooms are definitely cramped on the train, if you get claustrophobic, I would recommend that you look into upgrading to a larger space to save yourself from panic. We actually shared a twin bed and were perfectly happy.

This was an experience that I would love to try out again. If you love trains as much as I do, I think you will greatly enjoy the Bed & Breakfast Train. We haven’t been back since this birthday excursion, but I think about it often, so a return could be in the near future.

For more information on the Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad’s Bed & Breakfast Train, please visit: https://spoonertrainride.com/