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Nights At The Candlelight Inn

Living a life with a very busy schedule tends to make it hard to connect with your significant other. To help the flame continue to burn, we like to take trips to Bed & Breakfasts every so often. We have been to several different Inn’s throughout Minnesota and most of them have been pleasant and enjoyable stays.

On two different occasions this past winter and spring, we stayed at the Candlelight Inn, which is a Victorian Bed & Breakfast, located in Redwing, Minnesota. Sometimes we stay in different rooms when we return to an inn, these particular ventures led us back to the exact same suite. We enjoyed the room so much we couldn’t imagine going to a different one.

We stayed in the Butternut Suite, which is the largest room at the Inn. There was a refrigerator with water and soda in it. The room had a sitting area, fireplace, television, table and chairs, and a very comfortable Queen Size bed. The bathroom had an oversized pink whirlpool with shower, which of course is my favorite part of any B&B stay.

In the afternoon when you check in the hostess is kind enough to leave out some wine and an afternoon snack. If you are looking for a place to eat dinner she is great about giving out ideas. The owners go a long way to make you feel like you are at home when you stay at the Candlelight Inn.
At the end of breakfast the hostess comes out to give you a history of the Inn. You can tell that she very much loves the house and enjoys telling its stories. She will readily answer any questions and give you a very lively answer.

The food at the Candlelight Inn is wonderful to say the least. I had no complaints either time we stayed. My favorite part of breakfast was the dessert part, because it was at type of chocolate mousse and it was delightful. This is definitely an Inn that cares about giving their guests a great dining experience, which I feel is important since it is a huge part of staying at a Bed & Breakfast.

If you are looking for a nice place to stay in the Redwing, Minnesota area, look no further than the Candlelight Inn. To book your stay, please visit: http://candlelightinn-redwing.com/guest-rooms/