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A Visit To The Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Las Vegas is a favorite vacationing spot for my husband and me, both. We love Vegas because we have family there, but we also love all of the wonderful things you can do in the area. My husband likes to tell people that each casino is like its own museum. There is more to a Las Vegas hotel than just the rooms and casino.

As I stated yesterday, the Bellagio has a great Fountain show, but that is not all the this impressive hotel and casino offers. If you venture inside this beautiful hotel and casino, you will also find out that it is the home of “O,” by Cirque Du Soleil as well as several great lounges and restaurants. The Bellagio also has a fine art gallery and a Conservatory & Botanical Garden.

I make a point of checking out the Conservatory & Botanical Garden on a regular basis. This garden is a must see for anyone who loves art and/or flowers. You will be transported to a magical land of fragrant fantastical beauty. The Conservatory’s theme is changed every season, including Chinese New Year. Bring your camera because you will definitely want pictures of this. During my last visit a bride and groom were being photographed on a bridge right in the middle of everything; the theme at the time was Chinese New Year.

This garden has lots of water and fountains incorporated into it. Most often you can find giant Coy swimming freely in the ponds. One of my personal favorite items in the Conservatory is the living painting that they make for each season. This painting is made completely of flowers and it’s always beautiful and impressive.

For more information on the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, please visit: https://www.bellagio.com/en/entertainment/conservatory-botanical-garden.html



Check Out The Bellagio Fountains

When visiting Las Vegas, there are so many beautiful things to see. A person could spend weeks in Vegas and never run out of new things to see and do, providing they look further than just gambling in the casinos. Something I could never get enough of, (you guessed, it has to do with water) is the Fountain show at the Bellagio.

You need to see this show up close, and many times, because it changes frequently. The Fountains are synchronized with lights and music that will draw you in and make it hard for you to walk away. If you stand on the bridges or walkways surrounding the show, you will even get to feel the spray of the water as the Fountains move with the song.

The show has different running times, dependent on the day of the week. Daytime hours have it running every thirty minutes. At night the show runs every fifteen minutes until midnight. It’s worthwhile to see during day or night. You can get great pictures no matter when you watch. The Fountains are set to music by artists such as: Katie Perry, Michael Jackson, and Frank Sinatra, for a decent mix of old and new.

I highly recommend, if it is at all in your capability, to get a room with a view of the Fountains. As I have noted in a previous article, certain rooms at Bally’s allow you to sit in the window and just watch the water Fountains go off all night long. There are plenty of other hotels on the strip that will allow for similar views, so book yours today, for a fun romantic evening.

To check times, or get more information on the Bellagio’s Fountains, please visit: https://www.bellagio.com/en/entertainment/fountains-of-bellagio.html?icid=GMB_Entertainment_Fountains