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Diamond Estates – Niagara Falls

Yesterday I wrote an article regarding Neal’s and my trip to Niagara Falls. In that article I mentioned several of the activities we took part in; one activity in particular that I greatly enjoyed was our trip to Diamond Estates Winery. This trip was part of a hotel package deal, but you can definitely go there on your own as well.

If you love wine tasting and you like exploring different wineries, this is definitely a great side stop for you while visiting Niagara Falls. If you are like me, you will want a nice bottle of wine to go with your evening whirlpool experience. This winery has 10 different labels to choose from at all different price points.

While visiting Diamond Estates we took a tour of the winery, checked out the vineyard, and we got to taste four different wines. Overall, the complete time spent there was about an hour. There were plenty of opportunities to take photos and to check out the many wine labels that they offered.

The tour was great as far as providing insight into some of the different wine making processes. It was neat to learn about what makes ice-wine so unique. Even if you are not a wine drinker, this tour would be great for anyone who is interested in learning about wine making.

One of my favorite things about Diamond Estates is that Dan Aykroyd has his own wine there. His wine label is called Dan Aykroyd, and the label has a picture of a microphone on it. We did purchase one of his reds, I believe it was the Cabernet/Merlot; it had a very nice flavor to it.

If you leave the winery feeling frustrated because you can only bring so many bottles back to your country of origin, not to worry. Diamond Estates has a website where you can purchase all of your favorite wines. Just in case you get home and cannot remember which wines you liked, I would highly recommend making a few notes for future reference.

To obtain more information about Diamond Estates, please visit: https://www.diamondestates.ca/site/home