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Making Positive Changes With Sister House Collective

There are so many wonderful places to shop and things to see in Las Vegas. If you are like me, you love to look at and browse through all sorts of things. If I were to pick something very specific that I were drawn to, it would be a store that has a great cause behind it and also has some great natural products.

Sister House Collective is a wonderful little shop located at 1110 Fremont Street. The goods within this store are created by artisans around the world, as well as several in house artists. You will find things such as handmade cards and artwork, leather items, natural skin products, beautiful crystals and stones, as well as handmade jewelry, and wooden kitchen items, just to name a few items.

This store was conceptualized back in 2014 by Ashley Ayala. All items are created through fair work practices. There are no sweat shops creating the clothing and items sold here; only hardworking beautiful souls who are trying to make a positive change. Your purchases could help to improve the lives of many local artists as well as artisans from around the world.

Sister House Collective has great energy and the people who run it are very kind-hearted, hard workers. They have an exceptional calendar of events that I would encourage everyone to check out. They even host several different workshops on branding, modern calligraphy, how to create pop-up shops, and much more. Check out the, “Local,” section of their website for a list of upcoming events.

For more information on Sister House Collective, please visit their website at: https://www.sisterhousecollective.com/pages/about-us