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The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park

In the past year I have visited the Stanley Hotel twice. As some of you may already know, The Stanley is known for being one of the most haunted hotels in the US. There is much more to The Stanley, however, than its ghost lore.

The Stanley has long been admired for its beauty, as well as its rich cultural history. The hotel was featured in both the movie and miniseries versions of The Shining, as well as in the movie, Dumb and Dumber. Many famous guests have visited and stayed at The Stanley.

The Stanley features ornately kept grounds with beautiful gardens. There is a very unique looking, sculptured water fountain, on the front lawn. Due to its location at the beginning of Rocky Mountain National Park, the views from The Stanley are absolutely breath-taking; you can see the mountains in all directions.

During my visits to the Stanley I did not spend the night. You can most definitely check-in and experience one of the many haunted rooms. Guests often speak of visits from the ghosts that still live within the hotel’s walls. I chose to do more of a photographic tour on my first visit; perhaps in the near future I will book a stay and experience the mysteries of The Stanley on a more personal level.

The second time I visited the Stanley, I did take the Night Ghost Tour. If you want to get in on this tour, you must book well in advance. The first time my husband and I visited, the tours were completely booked out days ahead.

The ghost tour did provide some history of the multiple hauntings at The Stanley. While I did enjoy myself, you definitely have to be into the idea of spirits existing. If you are a skeptic, or a complete non-believer, you may want to avoid this tour. I would have liked to have seen more rooms than what we visited, but I believe that may be a completely different tour, or require a stay in one of the rooms in order to satisfy that desire.

If you do not wish to stay, or wish to take a tour, you can wander the grounds on your own, as I did with my husband, on my first visit. I took tons of outdoor photos, and some indoor. You cannot go upstairs during your self-guided tour, but you can get a feel for the intricacy of the hotel and see some of the history, without venturing too far.

The Stanley hotel is full of beauty and wonder. I would highly recommend a trip to see this beautiful piece of history. I definitely fell in love with its elegance in the moments I spent exploring the grounds, with my husband.

If you would like to book a tour or find out more about The Stanley Hotel, please visit: http://www.stanleyhotel.com/?utm_source=GooglePlus&utm_medium=local&utm_campaign=GooglePlus