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March is here, and nearly gone, which means, Spring is around the corner. For me, two things usher in Spring. A trip to someplace warm for two weeks, and an evening at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres as an early gift for my stepdaughter’s birthday. The theatre is the first stop, and it gives me a feeling of warmth that equals that of a sunny day on the beach.

This year, Chanhassen is producing The Prom, which is a story about equal rights for LGBTQ+ teens who want to attend the iconic school function. For most teens, it is a matter of buying their ticket and showing up, but for one teen, it becomes an all-out war. For another, the decision of whether to show the world her true self weighs heavily.

Joined by some waning theatre stars from another state, Emma Nolan finds unwanted support in achieving a goal she isn’t sure she has the strength to stand up for. With a little encouragement from her new theatrical pals, she finds her voice and manages to break down the walls that stand before her and change the future of prom for all LGBTQ+ teens, forever.

The show is full of comedy and heart and has a talented cast with excellent voices. I attended on March 8th, which was the debut performance of Lussi Pearl as Emma Nolan. Normally, the part is played by Monty Hays, who could not be present that evening. While I cannot attest to the excellence of Monty Hays as Emma, I can say that Lussi Pearl shined. I was especially excited to hear that her father made the trip in and could see her performance. He must be one proud papa!

Outside of the performance, I would like to point out that the theatre offered envelopes for donations to send LGBTQ+ teens to a camp made for inclusion and to meet other LGBTQ+ teens. This is a wonderful opportunity to show support. I happily donated and would encourage anyone else who is attending the show to do so as well. Every child should be able to grow and explore who they are in a safe setting, and that’s what this camp provides.

The Prom will be at Chanhassen Dinner Theatres through June 2023. Purchase your tickets today. You won’t be sorry. Not only is the show great, but it helps a noble cause, and the food is quite tasty too!

For more information on the Prom, please visit the following links:

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