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An Author’s Life for me

For those of you who do not know, I am the author of the award-winning novel, Runway Dreams: A Black & White Affair. My first book was published by Black Rose Writing in March of 2018. The sequel came out the following year in June of 2019 and the third installment will be arriving this year. I am also working on a fourth book which is outside of the Runway Dreams series.

Life as an author is not as easy as some people think. Most often a published book does not mean instant success. You must work hard to hone your skills and improve. Sometimes the road an author must travel is wrought with trial and error. I consider myself quite lucky, because my books are selling, and while I know the first installment is not perfect, I also know the second and third are better stories and hugely improved. As long as I keep improving and people continue to read my stories, I consider myself to be successful.

If you have a story to tell, don’t give up. Keep working at it. Keep believing in yourself. You will get to your goal eventually, providing you never stop believing in yourself. When I wrote Runway Dreams: A Black & White Affair, I told myself it would be published. I was picked up by one of the very first publishers I sent the book to. I know that is not the norm, but perhaps it plays to the power of positivity?

Authors need supportive people in their lives. They run on creativity and coffee, as well as cat companionship, but if you are a human friend, be supportive and let them know you are in their corner. It’s not easy to finish a full-length novel, and it sure as heck is not easy to find a publisher. Once they do, they will remember your confidence in them and possibly give you a nod in their published novel.

For the authors you love to read, remember to review their books on Goodreads and Amazon. This is important for sales. Try not to be a jerk. We know our books are not meant for everyone, but your dislike is no excuse for poor behavior. I honestly do not review a book if I have to rate it below a three. A three means it is okay but could use improvement. If it’s below a three, I probably do not have much good to say. I don’t want to drag them down further when others might love the story. We want the right audience to find us, as well as our author friends.

If you are into humorous stories about love and deceit and you like to read about rich and famous characters who come to the realization that there is more to life than the bubble they were previously living in, you should checkout: Runway Dreams: A Black & White Affair. If you have read my first book, then the second is an absolute must.

Please find the links to my books below, and remember, never give up on your dreams and be nice to your dreamer friends.



Runway Dreams: A Black & White Affair

Some of you out there may not know this, but I do write more than just blog posts. I was recently picked up by, Black Rose Writing, and I am happy to say that I will be publishing my first book with them.

Runway Dreams: A Black & White Affair, is a novel about a quirky young model named, Bernadette Price, who in her search for love finds out that some relationship mistakes may result in deadly consequences.

Bernadette Price has almost everything a successful twenty-six year old model could desire. She has a law degree, a family owned business, a successful modeling career, and she shares a beautiful home with her sister, Bell. The only thing missing in her life is a meaningful relationship with a great man.

To speed up her search, Bernadette decides to join the world of online dating. She quickly comes across the profile of Martin Day, a successful businessman, who is moving to her hometown. She can hardly believe her luck in finding someone so perfect, so fast.

Upon meeting Martin in person, Bernadette quickly finds out that Martin appears to have it all; charm, intelligence, looks, a great family background, and a new home just up the road from her own neighborhood.

Everything is going well until one day when a stranger calls to tell Bernadette’s sister, Bell, that Martin is not who he says he is. Martin denies the accusations but as time goes by it becomes very clear that something about Martin Day is very wrong.

Bernadette’s family is thrown onto a crazy and emotional roller coaster ride as Martin comes unhinged and begins making life a living horror for Bernadette and anyone who tries to help her.

As her situation grows increasingly worse, Bernadette realizes that it has come down to life or death and that she must put a stop to Martin’s reign of terror, at any cost.

While this book contains some darker moments, it also has a great deal of silliness and lightheartedness, coming from Bernadette and her siblings. I feel that anyone, who has been deceived or hurt by a lover previously, will be able to relate to Bernadette. I have been a witness to quite a bit of relationship drama in the past, which makes me feel that I am a great person to tell such a story.

This tale is set in Oklahoma and runs about 78,000 words. The creation of this novel was somewhat inspired by Nicholas Sparks’ Safe Haven.

Runway Dreams: A Black & White Affair is currently set to drop March 29, 2018. This date could be moved up, so stay tuned for further information. You can find me on Facebook directly at: fb.me/HappilyWriting

Love and adventures to you all!