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Regular Rooms At The Isle Of Capri

While visiting Colorado in October my husband, Neal, and I, ventured away from Winter Park for an evening to visit Black Hawk. Black Hawk is like a mini Las Vegas. The town is completely made up of casinos.

I have written about the Isle of Capri before, but in my previous post we were staying in one of their suites; this time around we stayed in a regular room with a King size bed.  This stay was not nearly as pleasant as the previous experience.

As far as I can tell the temperature is only controllable by opening a window to the outdoors, unlike some hotels where you cannot open a window, you can in these particular rooms. The thermostat did nothing to cool things down. Despite having the window open all night, and despite it being cold outside, we felt like we were being roasted. I wanted to go back to Winter Park just to get away from the uncomfortable temperature of that room.

Our prior stay at the Isle of Capri was in the middle of July, and we were completely comfortable. The temperature was great and we both slept well. I have no idea what the actual difference was between these rooms. Perhaps the upgraded rooms have some sort of special cooling system. Next time we visit, I will be sure to look into this situation further.

Beyond the temperature issues, we greatly enjoyed our visit. The food at the buffet was tasty as always. They had updated their dining room since our previous visit; it is now more secluded from the rest of the casino, which I greatly appreciated.

For more information on the Isle of Capri, please visit: https://www.isleblackhawk.com/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=isle%20casino%20hotel%20black%20hawk


An Unexpected Visit To The Isle Of Capri

Last July, while traveling throughout Colorado, my husband and I took a short side trip to the gambling town of Black Hawk. Originally we were not supposed to stay in Black Hawk, we had reservations in another town, two hours away, but those reservations turned out to be fairly inadequate in regard to the hotel’s description. We quickly got on the phone and were able to book a room at the Isle of Capri Casino and Hotel.

The room we stayed in was fairly spacious. It had a generic white comforter with some yellow and red accent pillows and runner (or whatever that thing on the end of the bed is called). There was also a couch with a decent sized flat screen television across from it. The closet doors were made up of large mirrors, which made the room look bigger. Overall the room was quite comfortable. The best part of our room was definitely the bathroom. There was a shower as well as a large, beautiful, jetted tub.

We stayed three nights and I used the tub every single night. The experience was very tranquil and relaxing. I did not notice any noise from the neighboring rooms. We slept very well and felt refreshed and ready for a new adventure, each day. I would definitely come back and stay in this hotel again, and I would recommend it to others.

If you like to gamble, and you love the mountains, this is a great location to stay since there is a ton to do nearby. You can easily visit other casinos by foot. You can find plenty of great food options, though the Isle does have a great buffet. If you feel like heading down the road a half an hour, you can easily get to the Georgetown Loop Railroad as well as Canopy Zip in Idaho Springs, which is only twenty minutes away.

For further information on the Isle of Capri Casino and Hotel, please visit: http://black-hawk.isleofcapricasinos.com/index.html?utm_uptracs=brand:pc&u=81560588-416e-4fec-b5e2-51c7f7c51108&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Blackhawk+-+Brand&utm_term=isle%20casino&utm_content=scwr2JliP|pcrid|103088697192|pkw|isle%20casino|pmt|p|pdv|c|