Moving To Wisconsin

This week’s adventure is that of a new home in a new city. My husband and I close on our house this Thursday and we are very excited. So much has had to happen to get to this point. So much more will have to happen in order for us to find ourselves comfortably settled in our new town.

We aren’t just moving across the city, we are moving to an entire new state, well new to my husband anyway. I was born in Wisconsin, so moving back is exciting to me. I have been in Minnesota for eleven years now; I am happy to try something different. We are moving to the country, which is definitely a new experience on my end.

If my posts are lacking in the next two weeks, I do apologize ahead of time. Our internet is not being hooked up until the 25th, and I am going to take this time to explore the area and find new and exciting things to write about. We will call this a mini vacation for research and acclamation purposes.

In the meantime, I encourage all of my readers to go out and find something new to explore in your hometown. Much too often we tend to overlook the fun and exciting things to do right where we live. I have been in Minnesota for eleven years and I can list the number of things here that I haven’t bothered to check out, that I probably would have very much enjoyed. My new goal is to know my new town inside and out and to find even more excitement right in my home territory. I will, of course, continue to travel to other exciting destinations and write all about those experiences as well.

To find fun things to do in your area, I recommend going to Google and typing in “activities in (name of your hometown)”. I am sure a lot of things will pop up. You could also check out to see if they list anything new that you have been putting off trying. Until my next entry, happy adventure seeking!


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