Adventures At Your Local Goodwill

Today I am doing a little shout out to the local Goodwill. This particular store is located in Savage, Minnesota and I happen to frequent it. While I do like the finer things in life, there are some things I have no problem buying secondhand, but at the same time, this store has tons of brand new items. I love Goodwill, because you never know what you will find.

I am sure that many people do not realize this, but Goodwill is one of the stores that Target sends their items to when they leave clearance. Frequently you can find brand new purses, hats, wallets, shoes, clothing, luggage, and other household goods that Target decided to no longer carry. I have bought quite a few brand new items including organic sunscreen, at this particular Goodwill. You can also find new sundresses, sunglasses, and toiletries, as well as gardening supplies, and some new bedding items, though not all of them will be from Target.

I like this location, because it is newer, and it is clean and organized. When I shop secondhand, the store has got to be clean and organized. If it is messy and does not feel clean, I will not have a desire to peruse the items, let alone buy anything. I give props to Goodwill; the stores they have recently opened have seemed to be much more organized than previously. I would recommend Goodwill, especially for holiday items that you may struggle to find in other stores.

For more information on Goodwill, please visit:


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