When I Said Groupon Could Be Addicting, I Meant It

So, this isn’t your traditional adventure article. I would say that what I am about to talk about is a type of adventure, but not of the traveling sort. A few months back I came across a Groupon for Ukulele lessons. The Groupon was in the five dollar deal section, so naturally I bought it, and no, I did not own a Ukulele.

Clearly after buying a five dollar Groupon for Ukulele lessons, that means one must purchase a Ukulele, so I did what I always do, I looked to Amazon.com; my other favorite website. I managed to find a Ukulele for a decent price that also received great reviews. Upon finding out that I purchased a Ukulele, my husband informed me that he expects me to be able to play happy birthday on it, by his birthday, which is July fifth.

I have no idea how to even tune this thing. I have never played a stringed instrument before. I did however teach myself to play “Walking on Sunshine,” on the Ocarina a couple of months ago, so this should be simple, right?

I now have less than a month to do this and we are in the process of moving to a new home. Our home is sold, but we have not yet found a home to move into, nor do we know which city we are moving to. I should not have procrastinated so much, but then I guess other things have kept me busy.

I see myself, come August, sitting around a campfire while camping, playing a tune on my Uke. If not playing, really pretending to know what I’m doing. Fake it until you make it, right? Nah, I’ve got this, perhaps I’ll post a video of my achievements in the near future. Until then, always look for an adventure, whether it’s traveling or trying something new.