Good Food And Troublesome Diners

This past month while in Las Vegas, my family decided to check out Guy Fieri’s, in the Linq. We do love burgers, but only two of us tried them. My parents split a burger plate and they seemed to greatly enjoy it. My husband and I ordered Nachos, which were amazing, and my aunt and uncle ordered Asian Chicken Wraps, which were also very good.

Overall our food and beverage experience was great, but something very odd happened during our dining experience. While we were at our table a round of blue shots were delivered. The waiter told us that they were from the couple sitting at a table nearby. We thought it kind of odd, but what the heck, its Vegas right?

At the end of our meal the waiter came to our table and seemed a bit confused. The couple, who had ordered our shots, had also ordered the people next to them a pile of nachos. He thought we all had known each other, when in reality we were all strangers. This mystery couple, after ordering these random treats for us, decided to dine and dash.

I don’t care who you are, that is so beyond wrong. That poor waiter gets stuck paying those bills out of his paycheck. He probably didn’t make any money that night. I don’t know how frequently that happens but the wait staff at these restaurants deserves so much better than that. Tip your staff and be nice, they put up with a ton of crap from drunks in Las Vegas and they deserve every penny they work for.

Check out Guy Fieri’s in the Linq. The food is great and the staff is wonderful. For more information:



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