Metro Breakdown

Often when on vacation, my husband and I will decide to do an evening in to relax and order pizza. While in Las Vegas we spent a little time researching the nearby pizza places so as to choose the one that would give us the most satisfaction. We decided to go with Metro Pizza, at Ellis Island Casino.

Now normally I don’t like to complain in my writing, but this was a poor experience. We were told that our pizza would arrive in 45 minutes, it was more like an hour and Ellis Island was literally three or four blocks from where we were staying. We were still nice to the delivery guy and tipped him on top of the delivery charge we had already paid.

I was pretty excited about this pizza because it received better ratings than any of the other pizza places in the area. We ordered Buffalo wings and a large supreme pie. The wings arrived without any dipping sauce, so I would not eat them because I do not like wings without sauce. The pizza was cold, I mean, not warm, cold. The flavor was okay, but I’m sure it would have been better if the food had actually been hot.

I am highly disappointed in this experience because I don’t really see an excuse for cold food. If you have given your delivery person too many things to deliver and they arrive with cold food because of it that is an error on management’s part. I may order from here again in the future, but I haven’t yet decided if it’s worth another try. I would be curious as to whether or not others have experienced this type of service from the Metro Pizza at Ellis Island.

Currently Metro Pizza’s website is conveniently unavailable, but here is Ellis Island’s: