The Rainbow Club & Casino In Henderson, Nevada

If you have the desire for great food and a smaller gaming facility, check out the Rainbow Club & Casino in downtown Henderson, Nevada. The Rainbow is one of our family’s favorite places to hang out. They have some fun promotions as well as a great restaurant to dine in.

Images, is the restaurant located inside the Rainbow. They serve up a little bit of everything. One of their huge draws is their $1.99 breakfast which gives you a great variety of protein and carbs; on weekends, the price does go up to $2.39, but either way, you can’t beat it. The Rainbow also offers great specials on steak and prime rib. Everything I have eaten at Images has tasted wonderful. They have a very delicious clam chowder on Friday nights that I would definitely recommend.

If you go to the Rainbow on the weekend, you will need to plan ahead for your meal. There is usually a wait for up to an hour prior to being seated. Even with the wait, the dining experience is well worth it. My family usually plans to go play for a while as we wait for our table and things work out just fine.

If you are playing a slot machine, you are eligible for free drinks. The atmosphere is a little smoky, but it is smaller and more intimate than the big Strip casinos. I am very fond of several of the games this casino offers; it has a nice mix of old and new games.

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