The Eldorado In Henderson, Nevada

Often while visiting Las Vegas, my husband and I, will leave the Strip and venture to some of the smaller casinos. The most common spot we go to is Henderson, Nevada. While these casinos in Henderson do not have table games, they do have many other great offerings.

The first place I would like to mention is the Eldorado. Eldorado has three things that make me come back. Bingo, Mary’s Diner, and looser slot machines. Really I think almost any slot machine located at a smaller off Strip casino, will be looser. This does not guarantee a win every time though; you should still play responsibly.

I love eating at Mary’s Diner. The food there has always been excellent; I have no complaints. If you have a player’s card you can quickly rack up points which are best used on food because they go the furthest. Their breakfast, sandwiches, burgers, and shakes are all great.

This is the place in Henderson to go to if you want to play bingo. Depending on the time of day they run different specials. If you are willing to go to the 9pm session you can play “Balls on the Wall,” which means that if you bingo on one of the numbers on the wall chart, you get extra money. If you are in town on your birthday, they currently give you a free blue pack for every session. This is my favorite place to play in all of Nevada, at this time.

Aside from gaming, this casino is clean and they offer free drinks for those who are playing at a machine or in bingo. They have wonderful employees with great personality. They treat everyone like they are a friend. Who could ask for more?

For more information on the Eldorado, please visit:



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