Updates To The Wyndham Grand Desert

I am back from vacation and I have lots of things to write about. The first thing I would like to talk about is the Wyndham Grand Desert. You may recall that I have spoken of this Wyndham location previously; I mention it again because, Neal and I, stayed at the Grand Desert for a couple of days last week.

Upon check-in we found out that tower 3 had been completely remodeled. We requested this tower so that we could check out the changes. My hope was that the renovation included the addition of some color to the rooms; boy was I pleased with what I found. To me the tower looked much more sophisticated and inviting.

The new remodel included improvements to the furnishings as well as the addition of lots of color. The room we stayed in had beautiful purple flowers on the walls and the artwork was much improved. There was still a whirlpool fit for two and I was very happy to see that.

The exterior of tower 3 included a new pool area, which seemed small, but clean and attractive for relaxation. I did not get a chance to check out the other towers to make sure the large pool area was still present. I know that there were a few other updates made as well to the grounds, but I did not get a chance to check those out either. I will have to do more investigating on our next stay; I am sure we will be back again. I look forward to seeing what else their remodel includes.

For more information on the Wyndham Grand Desert, please visit: http://www.wyndhamgranddesert.com/specials-packages?hotelid=2960&identifier=spg17&gclid=CP-Uj_z26NMCFYU2aQodoUYHmA


Blog Posting Frequency

Dear Readers:

I have decided to change my blog posting frequency now that I have a little content on my site. I will be posting regularly during the week, at least four posts, and leave the weekends for exploring new places. The frequency could change with time, but I am hoping that I can maintain this pattern.

Fun and adventure to you all!