Fun At Big Swedes Resort In Holcombe, Wisconsin

This past weekend, while visiting family for Memorial Day, my father’s band, 40 Fingers, played in Holcombe, Wisconsin at Big Swedes Resort. I had never been to this particular resort before, but a lot of fun was had by everyone. The band played from 4-8pm. We danced, we had some drinks, and we enjoyed some wonderful food.

Big Swedes is a resort located on the lake. You can rent cabins, play volleyball, or sit and listen to music on weekends. This is a great place to celebrate the summer holidays.

The main bar and restaurant are decently sized and have booths, regular tables, and bar seating. You can sit down and enjoy a nice meal, or just have a cocktail or two at the bar. They also have some games available for those moments when you feel like doing something a little different.

The secondary building is a pole barn type structure that can be opened on all ends, if desired. The band played inside this area. There is a bar located in the opposite end from where the band is. Several tables and chairs are there for your listening enjoyment, but they do fill up fast, so arriving early would be to your benefit. The dance floor is decently sized and seemed to be plenty of space for those who wanted to shake their tails.

The staff at Big Swedes was nice, but not always very prompt. It felt at times as if certain staff behind the bar were too busy day-dreaming to notice someone wanted something. In one instance it appeared that my wanting to order food was an inconvenience, which is a little frustrating. I had better luck getting beverages out in the pole barn. The woman working outside was very helpful and prompt, she definitely earned her tips.

The group I was with ordered several different food items. We tried the cheese curds, the nachos, and a thin crust supreme pizza. All of the food was wonderful. I especially loved the pizza.

The music was great and the atmosphere of the pole barn was nice. I will definitely visit Big Swedes again sometime. Hopefully the slow service inside was an isolated incident.

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A Fun Filled Night At The Downtown Container Park

Las Vegas is full of great activities. If you are looking for something fun to do off the Strip, Fremont Street has a lot to offer. One place in particular that I recommend visiting is the Downtown Container Park.

This park is quite unique; it offers a variety of food places to choose from. My family ate at Big Ern’s BBQ and we were not disappointed. The food does take a little while to make if you are there on a busy Saturday night, but everything was very tasty. They make a great brisket salad; it is huge and very flavorful. The rest of my family ordered pork sandwiches and they were very happy. If you are not a barbecue fan, there are plenty of other great food options available.

After dinner we sat and listened to some jazz music, which was playing at one end of the park. The singer was wonderful and she sang a lot of songs that we all recognized and enjoyed. There is music in the park every last Saturday of the month. If you are looking for a different form of entertainment, check out one of the 360 degree movies playing in the dome. Movie times can be found on the park’s website.

After we had our fill of music we wandered into some of the stores. There is everything from shoes to jewelry, toys, jerky, and nuts. One particular store I like is Kappa Toys. If you love fantasy games, they have some of those. They also have a ton of collectible figurines. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you can find puzzles, games, and other Harry Potter items. I could have looked through this shop for hours. So far this is the most inexpensive price I have found, including online, on Harry Potter Clue; the prices can range though, on other items.

Toward the end of our visit we were pleasantly surprised when suddenly the Praying Mantis at the front of the park began to move to the music and shoot flames out of its antennae. This was a really neat sight to see. Later in the evening the Praying Mantis began moving again and you could feel the heat from the flames all the way across the street.

The Downtown Container Park is fun, but after 9pm, you must be twenty-one and older to enter. Another rule the park has, is that no pets are allowed, accept llamas and service animals. I find that a little bit funny. Perhaps next time I will bring my llama.

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The Bronze Cafe In The Market

I’m currently on a bit of a food kick. Another great place to visit if you want something healthier and a little bit different is the Bronze Café. This café is located inside the Market at 611 Fremont Street.

You can find lots of great food options such as salads, sandwiches and breakfast items. They have gluten free options as well as Vegan. I had a very good sandwich on gluten free bread. The bread was massive and very tasty.

This little spot doesn’t have tons of seating but it is totally worth it for a fresh and healthy experience. We were kind of tired of greasy food and buffets, so my family was very pleased with the Bronze Café. The market the café is located in also has lots of great fresh food options as well as wonderful beverages such as coconut water, to choose from.

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Good Food And Troublesome Diners

This past month while in Las Vegas, my family decided to check out Guy Fieri’s, in the Linq. We do love burgers, but only two of us tried them. My parents split a burger plate and they seemed to greatly enjoy it. My husband and I ordered Nachos, which were amazing, and my aunt and uncle ordered Asian Chicken Wraps, which were also very good.

Overall our food and beverage experience was great, but something very odd happened during our dining experience. While we were at our table a round of blue shots were delivered. The waiter told us that they were from the couple sitting at a table nearby. We thought it kind of odd, but what the heck, its Vegas right?

At the end of our meal the waiter came to our table and seemed a bit confused. The couple, who had ordered our shots, had also ordered the people next to them a pile of nachos. He thought we all had known each other, when in reality we were all strangers. This mystery couple, after ordering these random treats for us, decided to dine and dash.

I don’t care who you are, that is so beyond wrong. That poor waiter gets stuck paying those bills out of his paycheck. He probably didn’t make any money that night. I don’t know how frequently that happens but the wait staff at these restaurants deserves so much better than that. Tip your staff and be nice, they put up with a ton of crap from drunks in Las Vegas and they deserve every penny they work for.

Check out Guy Fieri’s in the Linq. The food is great and the staff is wonderful. For more information:


Let’s Eat Meat!

I haven’t taken a whole lot of time to write about restaurants as of yet, but I would like to state for the record that while I do appreciate some of the simpler things when it comes to food, I also can be quite the food snob. There are so many things to try and clearly not nearly enough time to do so. I definitely like some fine dining experiences. One place I make a habit of visiting, hugely because my husband turned me on to it, is Pampas Brazilian Grille.

Pampas is one of the best steakhouses in Las Vegas. You can choose to order off the menu or do the all you can eat meat and salad bar. Neal and I have frequently bought Groupons; they are totally worth it. With the Groupon you get two hours of alcoholic beverages, all you can eat seafood which includes: mussels, shrimp, and fish. You also get the salad bar and unlimited meat. The food is wonderful and I recommend for anyone who goes to Pampas to plan to relax and take your time.

Some of my favorite things at Pampas are as follows: shrimp, cheddar rolls, grilled pineapple, sirloin, tri-tip, and pork sausage. I am not a huge chicken fan, but they do have some great chicken options as well. Their salad bar is dangerous. You must choose wisely and not go overboard or you won’t have room for all of the wonderful meats; the selection is vast and includes things such as potatoes, soup, cheeses, olives, lots of different salads, rolls, etc.

The service at Pampas is exceptional. The wait staff has always taken wonderful care of us. They are willing to go out of their way to help you get what you want.  I also have a strong love for the ambiance of the restaurant. It is wonderful for lunch or a nice evening out. The lights are always at the perfect level to encourage intimate conversation with that special someone, or in our case, to make new friends with the table next to us.

I give Pampas a ten, which is saying quite a lot. I can be picky at times, but this is one restaurant that I will continue to visit each time I go to Las Vegas.

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The Grandview Las Vegas

If you are looking for a great place to stay at, off the Strip, during your visit to Las Vegas, look no further than the Grandview. I have stayed at this location two different times; once in October and again this past month. The Grandview is great for couples and families alike. I cannot see anyone being disappointed by the great amenities that they offer.

They Grandview offers beautiful rooms that include King size beds and whirlpools. They have a built in kitchen with full size oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher. You will find a stacked washer and dryer for your convenience, as well as very plush and vibrantly colored furnishings throughout each unit.

With five heated swimming pools and five hot tubs, you have plenty of outdoor areas to choose from. The main pool area has two pools with a waterfall. One of the property’s pools is a large activity pool meant specifically for children. My family went to the pool at some point in time, on all six days that we stayed; we had no trouble finding lounge chairs or towels. We very much enjoyed the Grandview’s pools.

Another great amenity the Grandview provides is a free shuttle that will take you to Silverton Casino as well as the grocery store. There is also a shuttle you can take to the Strip; this particular shuttle does have a fee for a round trip ticket, but could be well worth it if you plan to have beverages while on the Strip.

There are lots of other amenities at the Grandview that my family did not partake in. They have a mini golf course, an arcade, a deli, and a computer center. We managed to keep ourselves quite busy between the pool and other activities, so we did not get to check out anything else on the grounds. We were happy to see that there is plenty of parking and that there is 24 hour surveillance to keep you feeling safe while wandering in the evening between South Point Casino, which is across the street, and your suite.

We booked the Grandview through RCI, which is part of our timeshare. RCI runs some great specials at times. We paid roughly three hundred dollars for a two bedroom suite for an entire week. I will definitely recommend the Grandview to others, as well as stay there again in the future.

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A Stop At Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden And Dolphin Habitat

This past trip to Las Vegas, my husband and I were looking for something fun and different to do. I love baby animals so seeing the picture of the baby tigers on MyVegas, for Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat, made me want to check it out. I had no idea how challenging it was going to be for me to get my actual tickets when I redeemed this reward on MyVegas.

Truth be told, I probably made this harder than it should have been. I hadn’t redeemed tickets of this type on MyVegas previously. The website kept trying to charge me for my complimentary tickets. It also kept noting seat selections and a specific time of entry, of which neither was pertinent. I walked away from this fiasco and came back a couple of days later and somehow I was able to figure out what was wrong and get my tickets printed.

Entry into the habitat was very simple. The woman taking tickets barely looked at the tickets I handed her. When you walk in you immediately are at the dolphin pools. They hold dolphin shows about every fifteen minutes. We did stop and watch the final show of the day on our way out. It was neat to see the dolphins jumping and spinning in the air, but I always feel a little sad when I see such beautiful animals entrapped in a pool rather than in their natural habitat.

As we moved through the property we came to the entrance to the large cat area. Before entering, there is a photographer who takes three or four pictures of your party. You can purchase these photos later on at the gift shop.

Inside the big cat section of the habitat we saw leopards, lions, and tigers. There were no baby cats anywhere to be seen. I was highly disappointed since this is what I thought I would see, due to the advertising on MyVegas. I did thoroughly enjoy taking photographs of the different cats playing, lapping water, and sunning themselves.

The entire habitat is clean and beautiful. The animal enclosures have lots of greenery and water as well as things for the cats to climb on. The experience was fun, but again, left me feeling a little sad for the caged animals. I prefer to go wildlife watching out in the Rocky Mountains or Smoky Mountains I guess.

If you are looking for something fun to do at the Mirage and you love big cats and dolphins, this could be a fun stop for you. It’s definitely a nice way for children to view animals they have never seen in person. The photographs are a nice keepsake to walk away with as well.

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Metro Breakdown

Often when on vacation, my husband and I will decide to do an evening in to relax and order pizza. While in Las Vegas we spent a little time researching the nearby pizza places so as to choose the one that would give us the most satisfaction. We decided to go with Metro Pizza, at Ellis Island Casino.

Now normally I don’t like to complain in my writing, but this was a poor experience. We were told that our pizza would arrive in 45 minutes, it was more like an hour and Ellis Island was literally three or four blocks from where we were staying. We were still nice to the delivery guy and tipped him on top of the delivery charge we had already paid.

I was pretty excited about this pizza because it received better ratings than any of the other pizza places in the area. We ordered Buffalo wings and a large supreme pie. The wings arrived without any dipping sauce, so I would not eat them because I do not like wings without sauce. The pizza was cold, I mean, not warm, cold. The flavor was okay, but I’m sure it would have been better if the food had actually been hot.

I am highly disappointed in this experience because I don’t really see an excuse for cold food. If you have given your delivery person too many things to deliver and they arrive with cold food because of it that is an error on management’s part. I may order from here again in the future, but I haven’t yet decided if it’s worth another try. I would be curious as to whether or not others have experienced this type of service from the Metro Pizza at Ellis Island.

Currently Metro Pizza’s website is conveniently unavailable, but here is Ellis Island’s:

Making Positive Changes With Sister House Collective

There are so many wonderful places to shop and things to see in Las Vegas. If you are like me, you love to look at and browse through all sorts of things. If I were to pick something very specific that I were drawn to, it would be a store that has a great cause behind it and also has some great natural products.

Sister House Collective is a wonderful little shop located at 1110 Fremont Street. The goods within this store are created by artisans around the world, as well as several in house artists. You will find things such as handmade cards and artwork, leather items, natural skin products, beautiful crystals and stones, as well as handmade jewelry, and wooden kitchen items, just to name a few items.

This store was conceptualized back in 2014 by Ashley Ayala. All items are created through fair work practices. There are no sweat shops creating the clothing and items sold here; only hardworking beautiful souls who are trying to make a positive change. Your purchases could help to improve the lives of many local artists as well as artisans from around the world.

Sister House Collective has great energy and the people who run it are very kind-hearted, hard workers. They have an exceptional calendar of events that I would encourage everyone to check out. They even host several different workshops on branding, modern calligraphy, how to create pop-up shops, and much more. Check out the, “Local,” section of their website for a list of upcoming events.

For more information on Sister House Collective, please visit their website at:

A Trip To The Emerald Island

Sticking to the theme of casinos in Henderson, Nevada, there is one more place my family loves to visit; the Emerald Island Casino. This casino is located in downtown Henderson right next to the Eldorado and the Rainbow. You can easily visit all three of these wonderful establishments in one day.

Much like the Rainbow and the Eldorado, the Emerald Island Casino also has a great restaurant. They run daily specials and the food is excellent. You can get breakfast any time. If you are playing at a slot machine and you find yourself wanting a bite to eat, you can order from their bar menu and they will bring the food directly to you.

This casino is very gracious in their giveaways. There are different times during the week where you can earn one hundred times points, or other point multipliers. They hand out free food on a daily basis. Sometimes they have donuts, other times it might be pizza or ice cream sundaes. If you visit on St. Patrick’s Day, they have a ton of great food all day long. This is the place to be for St. Patty’s Day, if you intend to go to a casino.

One of the nice things about the Emerald Island is that you can easily rack up points and use them in the restaurant. The atmosphere is clean and inviting and I can play here for hours without losing too much money. Their daily promotions and treats make this a fun casino to visit on a regular basis.

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