Let’s All Go To Zombie Burlesque

Now that you have planned a trip to Las Vegas; you have planned a trip to Las Vegas, haven’t you? Well perhaps you don’t plan your trips as frequently as my husband and I do. We went to Las Vegas in October of 2016, January of 2017, and now we are leaving shortly to head back to Las Vegas. We go to Vegas frequently because we have family there and we know how to have a good time on and off the Strip.

Speaking of having a good time, if you are ever in Las Vegas and wondering if you should see the show Zombie Burlesque, the answer is yes. Yes you should go see the show Zombie Burlesque. It may sound a little bit odd, and it probably is. I have seen this show twice and I have taken relatives with me, as well as sent my parents on their own. Everyone has enjoyed themselves immensely.

This show is comedic and it will make you laugh. Some of the jokes are very slapstick. It’s not on the gruesome side, if that was your concern. The zombies are still fairly attractive. You will see beautiful costumes and a lot of singing and dancing; this show is silly, sexy, musical fun.

Tickets will run you about $80 per person online, plus fees. You can at times find tickets on Groupon for $39 or two for $72. I bought my tickets through Groupon and I see that there is still a special available at this time. Whatever you are doing in Las Vegas, this show is worth a view.

For more information on Zombie Burlesque, please visit: https://www.zombieburlesqueshow.com/