Sexy Fun For Every One

When it comes to Las Vegas shows, I have taken in several. I have seen almost every Cirque; several of them, more than once. I have gone to multiple comedy shows. I have watched and enjoyed Rose. Rabbit. Lie., Absinthe, Zombie Burlesque, The Evil Dead Musical, and more.

Of all the shows I have viewed, my favorite have been the following: The Beatles Love, Cris Angel Mind Freak, Zumanity, and Rose. Rabbit. Lie. The other shows are wonderful; don’t get me wrong, these particular shows just have something extra to pull the crowd in.

The show I want to talk about today is Zumanity. This show is a part of the Cirque Du Soleil family and is very much styled after a cabaret. I have seen it twice. The first time I went was about six years ago and then again this past October. My husband, Neal, has seen this show three times now, because I wanted to see it twice. This last viewing of Zumanity had new acts, but provided just as much provocative, sexy fun, as it did the first time.

If you want to be a part of a sexual dream world, this is where it’s at. You get great music, beautiful costumes, sexy actors and actresses doing exciting things and you feel like you could be asked to join in at any moment. The Mistress of Sensuality does a great job of wandering out into the crowd and asking guests questions about their relationships. Someone always blushes, refuses to answer, or says something completely off the wall.

The feeling is surreal as you watch the actors and actresses methodically move together, or at times, even alone. The music chosen for this show very much helps the audience feel like they are in a sensual play land right along with the stars. By the end of the performance, everyone in the audience is feeling their pent up sexuality and wanting to leave with a playmate of their own.

If you like cabaret and you have a little bit of a freaky side, this particular show would be a great choice for you. However, if you are a bit reserved and uncomfortable with sexuality and innuendos, then you should stay far away from Zumanity; you may learn things about yourself that you never wanted to know. This show is definitely not for children, but then in my opinion, most of the Las Vegas night life and some of the day life, is not for children either.

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***Note that the photo included in this post is from the end of the show. No photos are allowed during the performance for the safety of the actors and actresses.