A Taste of Bryce Canyon

This past October, my husband’s aunt and uncle took us for a drive to Bryce Canyon, from Las Vegas. If you are okay with a 4 hour car drive, perhaps you would like to take this scenic drive as well. Bryce is definitely a trip you want to make when you have a full day, or more.

We chose to take this drive in October, because we were hoping to see some of the fall colors. While the colors were not as plentiful as that of the Midwest, it was still a pretty drive. Had we chosen to go a little earlier in the season, I think there would have been more to see, since the trees had already dropped quite a few leaves. The varying colors of the rock in the canyon, and the changing light as we went from midday to evening, gave us plenty of colors to look at aside from the foliage.

Upon reaching Bryce Canyon, we did a driving tour and stopped at many of the lookout points. The Hoodoos of Bryce Canyon are definitely a beautiful and impressive sight. We saw quite a variety of rock formations throughout the canyon, and of course, we took lots of photographs.

My husband and I only went down one hiking trail, but had we arrived with more time to burn, we would have spent a great deal more of our visit hiking. Even with the long drive there and back, Bryce was totally worth seeing. I will definitely come back again sometime and stay somewhere nearby overnight. I would like to hike and evaluate some of the trails and get even more photographs of the impressive rock formations. Definitely look for more information on Bryce Canyon in the future; this trip did not quite fulfill my desire to explore.

For more information on Bryce Canyon, please visit: https://www.nps.gov/brca/index.htm


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