Clingmans Dome: An Exceptional View

If you are planning a trip to the Smoky Mountains, Clingmans Dome is a must see. This particular mountain is the highest spot you can hike to in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. You can drive to the path that leads to the observation tower and then hike a half mile up to the tower. The path leading to the tower is completely paved.

Now this may seem simple, but I kid you not, even being in the best shape I had been in years, this was a tiring walk. It is a half mile walking at a consistent incline. There are several benches along the way and I used almost every one of them. Of all the hikes we did on our honeymoon, this one was the shortest and the most hard on breathing.

Not to worry, the view from the lookout is exceptional. I would do this walk again just to see that particular view. My husband and I took a nice long break just taking in our surroundings and photographing everything. The walk back down was quick and easy.

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