Zipping In Sevierville

Over the past few years I have found a new thrill that I greatly enjoy. If you happen to be passing through Sevierville, Tennessee and you are looking for something new and exciting, I have just the thing for you. Even as a person who is terrified of heights, I had a blast on the Wahoo Ziplines.

Since my experience with Wahoo Ziplines, I have also tried out Canopy Zip, in Idaho Springs, Colorado. These were two very different experiences. While I greatly enjoyed both, Canopy Zip definitely required more work on my part. The employees at Wahoo Ziplines actually catch and pull you in as you reach the next platform, whereas at Canopy Zip, you have to use your own hands to actually slow and stop yourself. For a newbie to zipping, this could be a little nerve racking.

Wahoo Ziplines is a great experience, because, while it is right on the edge of town, the course makes you feel like you are in the middle of a mountain forest, far from civilization. The views are wonderful and the experience has a certain freedom and tranquility to it. You feel like you are one with nature as you soar over the foliage. Each zipline is just as exciting as the previous.

All of the employees at Wahoo were very nice and attentive. Once I got myself to jump off the first platform, with some encouragement from the staff, I felt completely safe and couldn’t wait to leap from the next. The group my husband and I toured with was all pretty laid back; we had a blast and actually we would have thought about going for a second round, if it weren’t for all of the other activities we had planned.

The only downside to zipping with Wahoo had nothing to do with the actual company. I got off the course and found out I had some pretty big bruises on one of my shoulder blades. I may have given myself too much of a jolt jumping from one of the platforms. That’s just one of the hazards of zipping, but it sure didn’t stop me from doing it a second time in Idaho Springs. If I were to find myself back in Sevierville, I would definitely visit Wahoo again.

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