Hiking The Cascades in Pembroke, Virginia

I really don’t know how many people realize this about me, but I have a very strong love for water. If I am away from water for too long I start to get a little antsy. My love for water covers everything from rain to waterfalls and puddles to the ocean. I grew up in a home that had a large above ground pool in the backyard. It’s not until you are away from a constant such as having a pool that you realize how lucky you were or how much you miss it.

Perhaps it is my heart missing that daily swim in the summer that makes me want to seek out every single whirlpool, waterfall, or body of water that I can, while on vacation. When we travel to new places, hikes with waterfalls are number one on my list. I will take a waterfall hike over any other hike, pretty much any day of the week.

One of my favorite waterfall hikes is that of the Cascade Falls in Pembroke, Virginia. This particular hike is 4 miles round trip and completely worth it. You will have to pay a minor parking fee upon your arrival, but once you enter the trail, you will be happy that you did.

This particular hike is definitely going to take you up and down the hillside. You will climb stairs, walk across bridges, and trudge across some rocky terrain. While parts will be a little rough, you will see lots of wonderful sights along the way. The entire trail follows alongside a creek. There is no shortage of beauty during this hike.

The most difficult part of this hike is probably the stairs. If you are not used to stair climbing, it will definitely give you a workout; likewise if you are not used to walking four miles on uneven ground. I was tired by the time we arrived back at our car, but it was a great way to spend some free-time. We took lots of pictures of flowering trees and of the creek.

Once you reach your destination, you will not be disappointed by the 66 foot high waterfall. You will also see some shallow waters over to the right of the trail where people have stacked rocks, or may even be lounging after their hike. You can feel the water spraying off as the falls come crashing down. The feeling is peaceful and freeing. I would definitely be willing to take this hike again sometime.

If you would like more information about the Cascade Falls, please visit: https://www.virginia.org/listings/…/CascadesNationalRecreationTrail/